Pot smokers in the US can’t get off scot free, since many will now have to take it on the chin and pay a steep marijuana penalty — to sign up with life insurers, that is.

Marijuana indulgence, recreational or medicinal, is sharply raising the price of some premiums, with certain issuers making the same risk assumptions for pot smokers as cigarette smokers.

The cost of a 20-year, $1 million life insurance policy, for example, can be as much as five times higher for a pot smoker compared with a clean-living nonsmoker, according to one broker.

There are no consistent industry mandates, or best practices, as marijuana comes out of the shadows and is legal in eight US states and the District of Columbia. “We don’t get into that side of things, that is something for individual company operations,” Jack Dolan of the American Council of Life Insurance told The Post, referring to insurance companies’ marijuana rules.

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