Gene Balk / FYI Guy, The Seattle Times

A key reason Arizona rejected Proposition 205 in 2016, which would have legalized marijuana for recreational use, was the lack of supporting evidence from other states. The desire to legalize marijuana was tempered by public safety concerns. The business community was not provided the necessary assurance that marijuana legalization wouldn’t be a liability nightmare.

Arizona must consider and address the public policy concerns related to present and future marijuana regulation; and looking to other states is a good start.

A new survey of cannabis consumers in three states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use — Washington, Oregon, and Colorado — paints a dangerous and troubling picture of marijuana consumption before work and on the job.

According to the survey, 1 in 4 employed consumers admit to getting high at work. Also, 1 in 4 consumers admit to getting high before work. The survey also shows that after a state legalizes marijuana for recreational use, more consumers use more marijuana more heavily.

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